IE002: Mo Bekdache from Dingbats* Notebooks

The anticipated second international edition of Penna möter papper (Pen meets paper) is finally here. We have a long and honest interview with Mo Bekdache from Dingbats* Notebooks. We talk about how it all began, paper quality, wildlife collection, quality check and some of the upcoming collections. Of course you also get to know which pens Mo writes with every day.


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We’re Green | Dingbats* Notebooks® – UK & EU

Wildlife | Dingbats* Notebooks® – UK & EU

Earth | Dingbats* Notebooks® – UK & EU

Pocket | Dingbats* Notebooks® – UK & EU

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New Quality Paper Launched by Dingbats* — A PassionCarnets Review | Dingbats* Notebooks® – UK & EU

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IE001: Kate Dmitrieva from Benu Pen – Penna möter papper

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